Once again, Drake has proven he’s a good friend.

On Tuesday, DJ Khaled shared a photo and video on Instagram featuring a gift he’d just received from the Toronto rapper: a hefty diamond-encrusted pendant.

The custom-made bling features Drake’s OVO owl mascot next to a key and a lion, both symbols connected with DJ Khaled, to represent their friendship.

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“Thank you so much. This gift means so much to me,” Khaled said in the Instagram video. “Khaled and Drake. Drake and Khaled. It’s always special when we connect.”

“Fully iced-out. It’s so heavy, the quality,” Khaled marvelled at the piece. “Look at the owl, look at the lion, look at the key … Drake was wearing one, now I got one. It’s called brothers. Drake, thank you so much for your friendship. This is beautiful.”

If the pendant appears familiar to fans, they may have seen Drake wearing a similar one in DJ Khaled’s music video for Popstar, featuring Justin Bieber.