Is James Bond finally settling down?

Appearing on the official James Bond podcast, “No Time to Die” star Lea Seydoux teases the complex relationship between her character Madeleine Swann and the iconic spy.

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Seydoux talks about the importance of Bond falling in love again after his heart was broken by Eva Green’s Vesper Lynd in “Casino Royale”.

“I think that it’s also because of Bond and we needed Madeline to tell Bond’s story. I mean, it was important to see Bond in love again because he had this relationship with Vespa but she betrayed him,” she says.

“But this time I think she’s the real love in a way, I think… the film is a love story. It’s a story between the two of them, so it’s very unusual for a Bond film to see James Bond in love, right? And I think it’s quite modern in a way.”

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“In this film it’s even more psychological and more emotional and I think that it’s something that Daniel as James Bond created with this character,” she adds. “He created a character that is more vulnerable and who has flaws and I think that’s what we like as an audience and it’s true that James Bond is like a… it’s not a real world, right? But what we like is that in this world we can relate to the characters.”

“No Time to Die” is scheduled to open in theatres Nov. 20.