“Ted Lasso” star Jason Sudeikis was put to work on the latest episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”.

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The actor-comedian helped kick off Wednesday’s episode by holding cue cards for the host.

“We have a certain amount of people that are allowed be on the lot so everybody’s wearing multiple hats,” DeGeneres explained. “Everybody’s doing different things, even our guests.”

The camera then turned to Sudeikis, who was holding up cue cards for DeGeneres to read.

“Thanks for helping me out today,” the presenter continued.

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“You bet, just happy to help,” replied Sudeikis, adding that he had a couple of questions like, “Who do I give my time card to?” and “What time is lunch?”

The pair then sat down for a conversation during which Sudeikis revealed that he has spent most of his time in quarantine playing video games with his son Otis, much to his fiancée Olivia Wilde’s dismay.

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Sudeikis said, “Nothing like having an addict energy in a six-year-old, waking up and immediately wanting to go, ‘Hey dad, can I play Spider-Man?'”