A delay in COVID-19 tests has halted Vancouver-based TV productions.

Work on “Batwoman” and “Riverdale” have been shut down; meanwhile, shoots for “Legends of Tomorrow” and “Supergirl” this week were also delayed.

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There was a delay in processing COVID-19 tests in British Columbia, according to Variety, leading to the production woes. “Maid” — a WBTV show for Netflix — was also shut down.

Disney Television Studios, Netflix, and Sony did not give any information regarding the status of their Vancouver-based productions.

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There is reportedly a single lab company approved to oversee coronavirus testing. The priority is currently on schools and local businesses, leading to the delay.

Film production in Vancouver resumed earlier this year due to how well the COVID-19 outbreak was contained in British Columbia. The situation is ever-evolving, however, as the number of cases rises in the province.