Drew Barrymore helped Nicole Richie find out whether her bearded dragon was a boy or a girl in the latest instalment of Global’s “The Drew Barrymore Show”.

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While appearing on Wednesday’s show, Richie told the host that a vet recently suggested her pet lizard “Speedy” might be a girl.

Dubbing herself “Dr. Drew-little,” fellow bearded dragon mom Barrymore said, “If you’d like to figure out the sex of your bearded dragon, here’s how. Under this part of the tail you will feel a nub if it ‘s a girl and a prong if it’s a boy.”

After feeling around, Richie announced, “Oh, it’s a nub, Speedy you’re a boy.”

Barrymore corrected the reality TV star, saying, “No, the nub is a girl. Speedy’s a girl.”

Richie replied, “What? Speedy. You know what I love my children no matter who they are, no matter what sex they are. So, I’m fine with it.”

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Richie also opened up on creating her alter ego “Nikki Fre$h”.

She explained, “The idea of gardening and growing your own food was just something that was very interesting to me…. My friends sometimes would make fun of me like, ‘Oh you’re an old lady, this isn’t cool.’ I would be like how does gardening have this reputation? I actually feel like it’s the most cool and exciting. How do I communicate to the masses how amazing, exciting, spiritual, gardening is? I was like, ‘Well I think I have to do it through Trap music,’ but then I was like, ‘I can’t do Trap music. I have too much respect for the genre. So I’m going to create my own genre. Which is Parent Trap.’”

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