“Weird Al” Yankovic has something to sing about.

Following Tuesday night’s highly criticized U.S. Presidential debate featuring candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden, Weird Al teamed up with the Gregory Brothers and The New York Times for “America is Doomed, the Musical,” a song about all about last night’s events.

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The track feature blows to both Trump and Biden, as well as Fox News moderator Chris Wallace.

“2020 is a raging hell-scape,” Al sings in the opening. “Any ideas on how to stop a worldwide plague?”

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Both Trump and Biden sound like they’re answering Al in auto-tuned voices, making their responses hilarious and musically pleasing.

Expect more “music” from Weird Al, as there are two more debates ahead of the election in November – one on Oct. 15 in Miami and the third and final debate set for Oct. 22 in Nashville.