Barbie Ferreira Worries That Hollywood’s Strides In Body Positivity Will Move Backward

Barbie Ferreirra has landed on Hollywood’s radar due to her acclaimed performances in HBO’s “Euphoria” and the recent HBO Max comedy “Unpregnant”.

However, Ferreira is admitting in a new interview with Cosmopolitan that she fears that the body positivity that’s been building in Hollywood may evaporate, and suddenly she and other plus-sized actresses will no longer be “trendy.”

As she tells the magazine, her experience breaking into Hollywood has not been typical. When she began working full-time as a “plus-size” model, she was a size 10, revealing she’d have to bring extra padding to fit into the clothing she was modelling.

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As a result, she did the opposite of most models and made an effort put on some pounds, eventually hitting size 14. She recalled that “people were telling me to lose weight — are you kidding? The whole time, I’d been talking about being yourself and no one was listening. I understood, at that moment, that even if I was screaming from the mountaintops, it was only used for marketing.”

That attitude, she pointed out, is leading her to worry that all that ground gained for body positivity may be lost, admitting she fears being larger is “not going to be ‘trendy’ anymore,” she said. “That brands are still going to find people who are the thinnest version possible of something.”

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