Sony has just released a first look at it’s upcoming PS5 video game “Spider-Man Remastered”, and it appears that everyone’s favourite neighbourhood web-slinger has received a Tom Holland-style upgrade.

In a new clip, a virtual Peter Parker is seen chatting with Dr. Otto Octavius about his multi-armed exoskeleton suit, with the doc explaining he’s utilizing an “intracranial neural network.”

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Peter Parker, who resembles “Spider-Man: Far From Home” star Tom Holland, is impressed; of course, as any comic-book fans worth their salt know that Octavious uses his suit to become Doctor Octopus, fearsome foe of Peter’s alter-ego, so it’s easy to assume where the story goes from there.

According to reports, model Ben Jordan was used for the motion-capture in the upcoming game, and he does indeed bear a striking resemblance to Holland.

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Meanwhile, here’s how fans are reacting to the new Holland version of Peter Parker; spoiler alert — not everyone is happy with the change.