Chris Rock had quite the presidential debate watch party.

On Thursday, the comedian and “Fargo” season 4 star appears on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and reveals that he watched the Donald Trump vs Joe Biden debate earlier this week with none other than Jim Carrey.

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“I hadn’t spent that much time with Jim in like 20 years,” Rock says. “And he is Jim Carrey. He is the most energetic, funniest guy probably we’ve ever seen.”

Carrey was paying specific attention to Biden during the debate, as he will be playing the former U.S. vice-president on Global’s “Saturday Night Live” this season.

“To watch him watch Joe Biden, and then do Joe Biden, and then maybe do a little Trump and then do a little Clint Eastwood,” Rock remarks, “and he’s very political at the same time. It was a ride just watching the debates with Jim Carrey.”

Also in the interview, Rock talks about his 2018 stand-up special “Chris Rock: Tamborine”, in which he called out “bad apples” among the police.

“Unfortunately, time has, you know… something happened, and now the joke is relevant,” he says. “Actually, I would prefer that the joke wasn’t relevant. I wish I told a joke about police brutality and cops shooting kids by accident and it sucked. I wish I had to cut it because it didn’t make any sense.”

He adds, “But unfortunately that’s not the case. We live in a strange world where we can actually get used to stuff like this, and it’s really sad.”

Rock later shares his experience at one of Dave Chappelle’s socially distanced stand-up shows in Ohio, and drinking Hallucinogenic Mushroom Tea while there.

“I was trying to be nice, because your show’s in the daytime, Ellen,” Rock says, “but we do lots of drugs. Not the hard stuff, not the hard stuff. We’re like, before coke.”

He adds that Chappelle has a weed and mushroom chef to prepare “amazing meals” that are drug-infused.

“Tiffany Haddish drank he mushroom tea and cut her hair the next day,” Rock laughs.

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Finally, Rock talks about his role in the new season of “Fargo”, playing a 1950s gangster.

“I’m from this. It wasn’t hard,” Rock says, explaining that his uncles and his father had the swagger that he drew from for the role.