BTS Week are continuing in style.

On Wednesday, the superstar K-pop group performed their single “Black Swan” on Night 3 of their “Tonight Show” takeover.

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Along with the performance, BTS shared details of their upcoming album BE (Deluxe Edition), their reaction to “Dynamite” going to No. 1 on the charts, and their aspiration to win a Grammy.

Asked by Jimmy Fallon whether there will be any English songs on the album, RM responded, “Can you write the lyrics?”

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The group also reminisced with Fallon about their high school days.

RM and Jimin both admitted to being nerds back in the day, while Taehyung and Yoongi were slackers. Jin was quiet and J-Hope was a popular kid. Jungkook was actually already in BTS while he was still in school.

Finally, Fallon and BTS played a game of “Dance Your Feelings”, in which they faced off against each other to see who could best express randomly suggested feelings through dance.