Adam Sandler Unveils His New Salt-And-Pepper Beard For Upcoming NBA Movie

Adam Sandler is sporting new facial hair and it is not because of the quarantine.

Speaking on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, the actor says that his “disgusting” beard is getting less-than-stellar reviews. “Nobody likes it, at all. People on the street go, ‘No! No, Adam!'”

He then explains to them that he is growing it for a movie but the reaction is still a loud “No!”

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Hinting at the movie, Kimmel points out the large shoes behind Sandler in the video call. The star explains that he is staying at a place in Philadelphia that has a pair of LeBron James’ shoes on display; the film he is growing the beard for is actually being produced by the athlete’s production company.

“I’m getting ready to do a basketball movie, a scout movie where I’m playing an NBA scout and I discover a player in Spain and I bring him to America. It’s that kind of story, it’s going to be really cool,” Sandler says.

He tells Kimmel that James’ company called him personally to see if he was interested in the film.

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When asked by Kimmel whether James will have an “active role” in the movie, Sandler admits that it is difficult now as the athlete is in the middle of a championship run with the Los Angeles Lakers. “We’re going to get to sitting down and talking after that,” he says.

Still, Sandler insists that “it’s a legit NBA movie because of LeBron” and even mentions Toronto Raptors’ Kyle Lowry is expected to play a part.

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