Jeff Lewis Talks About The ‘Traumatic Experience’ Of Firing Assistant And Splitting With Boyfriend In The Same Week

Jeff Lewis experienced some big life-changes in the past week.

On his Radio Andy show “Jeff Lewis Live” on SiriusXM, Lewis explained why he fired his design assistant Tyler Meyerkorth.

Calling it a “traumatic experience”, the “Flipping Out” star described how he received two invoices from a furniture company, despite only ordering one delivery, which raised suspicions that his assistant was “moonlighting” on the side and using Lewis’ discount.

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“I forwarded it to my employee and said, ‘I don’t understand. What is this?'” Lewis said. “And the person said, ‘I don’t know. It must be some sort of accounting error, let me look into it.”

He then confronted Meyerkorth. “I said, ‘Look this is the information I got from the owner … this was delivered and you had a conversation, you actually negotiated the white glove delivery service,” he recalled.

After Meyerkorth denied the accusation, Lewis offered him a chance to come clean.

“I said, ‘I’m going to give you an opportunity to tell the truth right now.'”

Lewis continued, explaining that Meyerkorth wasn’t happy working for him anymore but Lewis still wanted theirs to be an amicable relationship.

“I really believe in his talent, I think he’s a natural at it. I think he could have a great design business on his own,” Lewis said, adding, “He’s been very loyal.”

Earlier this week on Radio Andy, Lewis also opened up about splitting with his boyfriend Scott Anderson again after reconciling just last week.

“He was very distant, he was very emotionally removed, but we still had a nice time,” Lewis said. “We had dinner, talked, hooked up a little bit.”

He then learned that during their short time apart, Anderson had leased a new apartment.

“I was a little thrown by that. That he committed to a year lease in an apartment when he was living with me 11 days ago,” Lewis said. “That was something I had to wrap my head around. I told him, ‘I’m sorry what?’ It was something I had trouble with … not mad or anything, just trying to understand.”

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Lewis also learned that Anderson had been back on Tinder, though Anderson said that he hadn’t been using it for dating, but rather to help another friend of his.

“I believed him,” Lewis said. “We had a nice talk yesterday, everything has been said, he’s made his peace, I’ve made my peace.”

Talking about whether it’s over between them, Lewis said, “Don’t know. But I have to move on with my life now and he needs space anyway. I’m now gonna lay low, I’m not in a space to date at all.”

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