Paris Hilton is opening up about her traumatic past.

The former reality star, 39, has previously shared details of the abuse she suffered in boarding school, her time in solitary confinement and past abusive relationships but now she’s getting creative as she “refuses to remain silent.”

In a TikTok-style video, Hilton uses the “put a finger down” trend to detail her past experiences.

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“Put a finger down if you have been kidnapped in the middle of the night by two large men who asked you if you wanted to go the easy way or the hard way,” she begins before putting a finger down.

She adds, “If you have severe nightmares from the trauma you experienced while attending the program. If you were cut off from communicating with the outside world and stripped of all of your human rights. If your childhood and teenage years were taken away from you.”

But Hilton didn’t end there. Continuing the video, she said, “Put a finger down if you have major trust issues because of what they put you through. If you were force-fed medication without knowing what it was. If you were physically, emotionally, verbally and sexually assaulted while you were there. If you witnessed other kids be emotionally, verbally, physically and sexually assaulted by staff. If you were put into solitary confinement.”

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She concludes, “If you are not afraid to use your voice and let the world know that you are a survivor. And you are not going to stop until these schools are shut down! I see you, survivors.”

By the end of the clip, all Hilton’s fingers are folded into her hand.

Hilton first shared her experiences in the tell-all documentary, “This Is Paris“, on YouTube.