Millie Bobby Brown paid a virtual visit to “The Tonight Show” on Friday.

During the appearance, Jimmy Fallon challenged the “Stranger Things” star to face him in a round of Lip-Sync Battle, where she demonstrated some mad skills.

With Fallon and Brown doing two songs apiece, the host started things off with Dua Lipa’s “Don’t Start Now” which, at one point found him dirty dancing with a female mannequin.

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Then it was Brown’s turn. “I am choosing my first song because I feel like this year has been crazy, and I think we could do with a retreat to the year 3000, Jonas Brothers version,” she explained as she introduced her selection, the Jonas Brothers’ 2013 hit “Year 3000”.

Like Fallon, Brown had a dance partner for her performance — a life-sized inflatable green alien.

Fallon then took his final turn at the mic, going for what is arguably one of the hottest songs at the moment: BTS’ “Dynamite”.

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Finally, Brown announced her second selection would be Katy Perry’s “Hot N Cold”, but also informed Fallon she’d need five minutes to prepare. When she returned, she’d done an entire costume change, complete with black sunglasses, pink wig and matching sweater.

Prior to their lip-sync shenanigans, the 16-year-old star spoke with Fallon about the upcoming season of “Stranger Things”, her new Netflix movie “Enola Holmes” and why losing out on a role in “Game of Thrones” as a youngster nearly led her to quit acting.