BTS and their fans made headlines earlier this year when they donated $1 million to Black Lives Matter.

Their Army then followed up by matching that donation in 25 hours.

Speaking to Variety, the group opened up about bringing attention to prejudice.

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“We feel that prejudice should not be tolerated; it really has no place. We started to discuss what we could do to help, whether it was a donation or something else. That’s where the conversation began — just trying to see what we could do to try to alleviate this prejudice,” Jin said.

Suga clarified that the group doesn’t see themselves as “political” but their “initiatives [are what any] person who wishes to live in a just world would want to pursue.”

“[When it comes to supporting Black Lives Matter], I think it’s very simple really. It’s about us being against racism and violence. Most people would be against these things. We have experienced prejudice as well ourselves. We just want to voice the fact that we feel it’s the right of everyone to not be subject to racism or violence,” Suga continued.

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RM added, “Our goal and what we really want to see is for everyone to be able to lead safe lives.”

“What we really want to focus on now is that a lot of young people around the world are suffering because of the pandemic. We feel that what we can and should do is try to give hope and energy to people — everyone, but young people, especially — suffering from this pandemic.”

BTS also works with UNICEF on anti-violence, among other initiatives.