Self-proclaimed “socially awkward” homebody Emma Mackey may have returned to filming on her Netflix series “Sex Education” but she’s setting her sights on the big screen with her next two projects: “Death On The Nile” and a biopic on Emily Bronte.

Making her film debut in the Kenneth Branagh-directed Agatha Christie mystery, Mackey says being on a film set was a different experience from TV.

“There are so many scenes to get through, you only have a certain amount of time [to do them],” she tells PORTER, admitting she’s still focused on making her characters feel as fully-rounded as possible. “It’s just about feeling nourished [and] nourishing it with intentions.”

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As the youngest cast member of the ensemble, which features Armie Hammer, Gal Gadot, Russell Brand, Rose Leslie, and Letitia Wright, Mackey looked to her female co-stars, the “women who have more experience in this industry,” including Jennifer Saunders, Dawn French, Annette Bening and Sophie Okonedo for advice.

“They were telling us stories about what it was like back in the 1970s and ’80s; it just felt like a privilege to be around them,” she says. “I could soak up everything they were saying to me and watch them work.”

Ben Weller/PORTER
Ben Weller/PORTER

A former literature student, Mackey will next take on the role of Bronte in “Emily”. Explaining there were “lots of elements that felt right” about taking on the part, the actress has a set of requisites when choosing the characters she plays.

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“If I’m playing a woman who is an interesting female character, whose story is going to educate or transmit something to the audience, elevate them in some way and teach them something about, in this case, a real-life person, I think that’s a good thing,” she says. “My aim is to do things that are meaningful after this whole strange period… it has to have meaning.”

“Death On The Nile” is currently slated to open in theatres on Dec. 18.

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