Marc Maron is an Instagram star.

Following the death of his partner Lynn Shelton, the comedian, actor and podcast host, 57, has been hosting daily Instagram livestreams where he talks about loss, watermelon and the animal who has been leaving presents on his lawn.

The almost-hour-long video chats have captivated audiences stuck at home during the COVID-19 quarantine. “Seven hundred people,” Maron noted in one live. “Not a bad crowd.”

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Maron gives all of his fans warning before going live, heading to Twitter revealing he’ll “be over in the other place in about 15 minutes.”

The livestreams are full of stories, including some about his past drug use, daily hikes, his cats Buster and Monkey. Monkey has since passed away.

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Maron also takes viewers on trips to the end of his driveway while taking out the recycling or inside while he prepares his morning coffee or smoothie.

But while many of the episodes indulge the viewer in light comedy, Maron often opens up about losing Shelton suddenly in May from an undiagnosed blood disorder. Maron even shows off Shelton’s coat, hat and cowboy boots still sitting by his front door.

“It’s awesome to hear stories about Lynn. It sounds like she was a wonderful person,” one viewer commented Monday. Another added, “If I can’t hang out with friends, I can hang out with Marc every morning.”