Even JoJo Fletcher agrees, no one can fill Chris Harrison’s shoes.

The “Cash Pad” star, 29, joined her fellow former Bachelorettes, Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin, on their podcast “Bachelor Happy Hour” and opened up about what it was really like to step in for Harrison during “The Bachelorette” filming.

In August, Fletcher took over Harrison’s hosting duties after he dropped his son, Joshua, off at college in Texas amid the coronavirus pandemic. According to Us Weekly, “the moment he got back, Chris was told he could not set foot back on the set until he went through another 14-day quarantine.”

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But to Fletcher, the job was harder than she anticipated.

“It’s hard,” she confessed. “He does such a good job at what he does that you can never compare to him. But that wasn’t what the goal was.”

“Whenever I’ve been on the show, whether I’m a contestant or the lead, or have come back to do a guest spot – there are no rules. You can do whatever you want, say whatever you want and just act who you are,” Fletcher explained. “I was so stressed out. I was so stressed about not living up to his expectations, you know? He trusted me to do this.”

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She later added, “The amazing thing was that I didn’t have to come in there and try to be Chris, I was just coming in to help him out. There were scenarios where I actually had to deliver a message like it wasn’t just JoJo being stupid and saying whatever. But it was never the Chris Harrison lines though. You will never hear me say, ‘This is the final rose.’”

But ultimately, Fletcher said, “It was super fun, super stressful but so exciting. I hope I did everyone proud.”

“The Bachelorette” returns later this month.