Gloria Steinem and Meghan Markle are getting out the vote.

On Wednesday, Steinem is on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and talks about cold-calling voters with the Duchess of Sussex.

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“We always said it was important to vote,” Steinem says. “Now we say it’s important to fight to vote.”

Talking about the cold calls, the feminist icon reveals, “It was really Meghan’s idea, because, as she said, ‘I came home to vote.’ She heard that we were only an hour from each other here, and so she came over and we sat at the dining room table and literally cold-called voters.

“It was kind of a high point … We ended up having great conversations.”

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Steinem also shares with DeGeneres what gives her hope for the future.

“Hope is a form of planning, and we must never allow that to be taken away from us,” she says. “We have the power to maintain that.”

She adds, “Partly because I’m older, I remember when it was worse, so I do have hope. Because it seemed way less hopeful earlier. Now these are majority movements, these are majority hopes in all the public opinion polls. So everything depends on our voting.”