Meryl Streep, Kerry Washington And ‘The Prom’ Cast Talk LGBTQ+ Issues, Representation Of The Black Community

Ahead of the highly anticipated release of Ryan Murphy’s “The Prom” on Netflix, the cast joined forces for some important conversations.

Covering the latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter, Meryl Streep, Kerry Washington, Nicole Kidman, James Corden, Keegan Michael-Key, newcomer Jo Ellen Pellman and Murphy discussed LGBTQ+ issues and representation of the Black community. They also revealed the discussion they hope the film will bring to families and audiences everywhere.

For Murphy, who is behind the film adaptation of the hit Broadway musical, representation was a huge deal for him.

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“I really know what it’s like to be Emma [Pellman’s character],” he said. “I know the feeling of being humiliated for your sexual preference. I know the feeling of thinking that you have no allies, and then it turns out you do. Every project that I’m drawn to has two things in it, an underdog and a makeover.”

And Washington was proud to join Murphy for this project.

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“I think it speaks to Ryan. He’s done it on multiple projects, across multiple ideologies and issues, whether it’s LGBTQ, racism, misogyny. And yet he has chosen to tell this story, where the limitations on Hollywood storytelling become very evident, and Jo Ellen’s character has to take the power back on her own, and create a grassroots movement that bubbles up from the people,” she said. “It speaks to Ryan’s humility, that given his power, he’s telling this story where he’s deflecting and saying, ‘I understand that we’re changing the world, but I also really, truly believe that power belongs to the people.'”

All Pellman hopes for is a conversation at home about inclusivity.

“I think this movie shows LGBTQ kids across the world that they are worthy of a big, joyous happy ending,” she said. “There are people out there, who you might not even know yet, who can’t wait to love you and support you. That’s how Emma was able to find her voice, and I think that’s how kids are going to be able to find their voices.”

“The Prom” hits Netflix Dec. 11.

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