Jon Bon Jovi knows he has benefitted from white privilege and he’s open about it.

Bon Jovi recently caught up with George Stroumboulopoulos on Apple Music’s “Strombo”. The legendary artist opened up about the release of “American Reckoning” earlier this year and his own white privilege.

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“If ‘American Reckoning’ addresses and recognizes white privilege, but never says woe is me, or I’m woke, you know?” he said. “Or power to the Black man, which would be horse s**t, I’m simply saying, this is America’s reckoning, and there is a call to action, and I identify that I’ll never know what it’s like.”

“I’ll never know what it’s like to walk a mile in his shoes. I’ll never have to have the talk. And you’ve met a couple of my children over the years. I have never had to have the talk with my boys or my daughter. You know? That is a cold, hard truth,” Bon Jovi asserted. “I, in fact, am the beneficiary of white privilege.”

Bon Jovi laid out for anyone confused by his stance.

“I’m an old, white, affluent, compounded by the fact that chances are when a police officer would pull me over, he may look at my license and go, ‘Cool, I grew up on your records.’ They’re not going to throw me up against the car,” he explained.

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“Chances are, they’re driving me to the show in a beautiful motorcade of cars,” Bon Jovi continued. “That’s the cold, hard truth. I could write that. And say, ‘I get it, I get it, I get it. I’m sorry, here’s my call to action.’ Because I was moved by what I saw.”

Bon Jovi released its milestone 15th studio album earlier this month. The project is titled 2020 and includes “American Reckoning” among its 10 track standard edition. The streaming deluxe edition boasts three additional songs, including a collaboration with Jennifer Nettles.