The series premiere of “Red Table Talk: The Estefans” kicked off with a bang as the group discussed an “extremely personal topic”.

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Grammy winner Gloria Estefan, her daughter and rising musician Emily Estefan and her niece and Daytime Emmy Award-winning Lili Estefan came to the Red Table for the first time to discuss the subject of divorce.

In the Wednesday, Oct. 7 episode, Lili candidly spoke out about the incident that lead to her shock split from husband Lorenzo Luaces in 2017.

“A few years ago, Lili went through a very painful divorce from her husband of 25-years,” said Gloria. “It was a scandal that made international headlines and we have never spoken about it publicly.”

Lili recalled, “2017 was supposed to be a great year for me. I was a very accomplished woman in my career… my husband, who protects me, he was a very accomplished guy. I had two beautiful kids and I was celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary.

She continued, “I really thought I had a perfect life…I was so wrong.”

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Lili’s life was turned upside down after her husband was pictured together with another woman. Lili revealed, “He says a paparazzi caught me with another woman, and they’re asking $200,000 for the pictures.”

The divorce that followed in 2018 was as much of a shock to Lili as the cheating scandal itself.

She said, “There’s no divorce in our family… I never, ever guys expected to get a letter from a lawyer that he had filed for divorce.”

Lili added, “That was another shocking moment in my life – never thought we would get divorced, never thought I would mention the ‘D’ word – impossible. And would’ve done anything to save my family.”

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Joining the, table Gloria’s husband Emilio Estefan commended Lili for her strength throughout the ordeal. He said, “The way you handled your kids, you never talk bad about him…that takes a lot of courage to do that.”