Ronda Rousey says “The Expendables 3” set looked more like a gym than a movie studio.

Rousey appeared on Thursday’s episode of “Hot Ones” with host Sean Evans. The former UFC and WWE champion dished on her time working with Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and more on the set of “The Expendables”.

“There were weights on set. They would literally be lifting weights and doing bands and curling things between takes. It was a cool ‘little boys club’ to be a part of and I quite enjoyed everybody, I miss you guys,” Rousey shared. “I remember we had to run up this roof a million times and I was in training camp for the second time I beat Miesha [Tate’s] a**.”

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“Schwarzenegger was really cool about saying, ‘Get to the chopper’ for us. I got a really huge kick out of that, seeing that in person,” Rousey laughed. “Nobody wanted to compete with me, they were really sweet. Mentor-like. I learned a lot from everybody.”

The crossover star also reflects on that infamous photo showing her nearly severed finger after an accident on the set of “9-1-1”.

“They had this episode where a tsunami wiped out in L.A. Literally the first day of production, we’re in Mexico shooting in the tanks they filmed ‘Titanic’ in. The director said, ‘You’re going to open this boat door,” Rousey explained. “I’m like, ‘Cool.’ I come out and I push the door but I’m shorter than him and I’m going up steps at the same time. It feels like the door is going but I guess it just paused.”

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“On the way out, it slammed on my hand. I’m like, ‘F**k!’ I hit all my lines, I grabbed all that s**t, I threw it off the boat. I look down at my hand and my f**king finger is off,” she added. “I’m very good at shutting down and not showing pain when s**t’s not going well for me. I covered my hand up, turned to look at everyone behind the camera and said, ‘I’ve got a problem, my finger’s off.'”

Rousey required eight screws in her finger and got some help from a familiar face.

“They put me in an ambulance. It just so happened that in the emergency room was a hand specialist that used to train with my husband [Travis Browne] at Alliance [MMA],” she concluded. “I have a plate and eight screws. I finally got it back down to a fist, which is all I care about. I don’t care about flicking people off pretty, I feel like the extra knuckle makes it intense.”