The cast of Amazon Prime Video’s superhero hit “The Boys” received an unexpected visitor during a virtual panel for New York Comic-Con when none other than Shaquille O’Neal Zoom-bombed the session.

“I want to be part of The Seven,” said the former NBA great, who’s described himself as a super-fan of the show. “I also want to know who’s the biggest prankster on the set. Let me know!”

O’Neal then pitched his character, Black Demon, while demonstrating his superpowers — which were actually just Zoom filters.

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Jack Quaid, who plays Boys member Hughie, was so impressed he asked series creator Eric Kripke to try to write Shaq into the show. “Eric, make it happen man,” said Quaid. “Get him in there!”

Meanwhile, the cast answered O’Neal’s query, with everyone agreeing Karl Urban is the set’s biggest prankster.

“Oh, come on, man,” Urban said, laughing, then attempting to shift the blame to co-star Laz Alonso. “Laz  is a sly prankster. Laz is the one who sets it all up and then just quietly walks away and watches the damage. I’ve got your number, pal.”

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O’Neal’s surprise appearance can be seen in the video above, just after the 10:50 mark.