Tiffany Haddish is filling in for Ellen DeGeneres on Friday’s edition of her daytime talk show, and in a sneak peek at the episode the comedian hilariously serves as “moderator” for Wednesday night’s vice presidential debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris.

In the sketch, the “Girls Trip” star begins by greeting Sen. Harris, telling her “you’re the only other Black person I’ve seen in Salt Lake City.”

She asked Vice President Pence to “tell me a fun fact about President Trump,” which is answered by Pence’s response that “President Trump has Jewish grandchildren.”

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“What?!” Haddish shrieks in mock surprise. “I’ve never seen them at temple — I’m Jewish!”

Haddish also references the now-famous fly that perched atop Pence’s silver hair for more than two minutes during the debate. When Harris runs through her qualifications to be veep, Haddish chimes in, “and you’re the only on the stage without a fly on your head. Yo, Mike, you got a fly on your head.”

“Not true,” says Pence, shaking his head.

“It is true!” insists Haddish, with Pence responding, “It’s just unacceptable.”

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She then tries to use her breath to blow it off, which has no effect, and then reaches beneath her desk to pull out a fly swatter.

Finally, she pulls out a leaf blower, causing the fly to buzz away.

“Got it!” she declares.