Ruby Rose paid a visit to SiriusXM’s “The Jason Ellis Show”, where she revealed that she became distracted while shooting a movie because she developed a crush on her co-star’s wife.

Asked if she found Jason Statham’s good looks to be distracting while they worked together filming killer-shark flick “The Meg”, Rose admitted is wasn’t Statham who had captured her attention.

“He’s hot, and maybe it would have been tough if I was given the chance to only work with Jason, but the thing is he brought his wife, Rosie Huntington, and I’m just saying the distraction was elsewhere,” she said. “Have you seen her?!”

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During the conversation, Rose discussed the injury she suffered when a stunt went awry while shooting “Batwoman”, almost severing her spinal cord.

“I’m like a bionic person now,” she said of the surgery to repair the damage, which she boasted had left her neck “stronger than anyone else in the world.”