Steven Spielberg Reboots ‘Animaniacs’ With ‘Jurassic Park’ Spoof

“Animaniacs” are making a comeback.

During a session at New York Comic Con on Sunday, a new clip featured a first look at Hulu’s reboot of the animated trio first introduced by producer Steven Spielberg in the 1990s.

In the clip, the slapstick siblings are featured in a spoof of “Jurassic Park”, which begins when animated versions of Sam Neill and Laura Dern are featured in a jeep.

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“This species of cartoon has been extinct since 1998,” the animated Dern declares as Wakko, Yakko and Dot make their first appearance in more than 20 years, with an animated Spielberg also strolling by.

“He did it,” says an animated Jeff Goldblum. “That crazy son-of-a-gun actually did it.”

“These don’t look like reruns!” declares cartoon Dern, with cartoon Spielberg explaining, “They’re not. I re-animated them.”

“How zany are they?” asks cartoon Neill, with animated Spielberg telling him “To the max,” adding that he’s also rebooting “Pinky and the Brain”.

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New “Animaniacs” episodes will debut on Nov. 20; the New York Comic Con panel can be seen below.

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