“Every revolution begins as a seed” declares Daveed Diggs’ character, Andre Layton, in a new trailer for the second season of “Snowpiercer”, debuted Thursday at the virtual New York Comic Con.

“It festers and spreads like wildfire,” he continues, “til the castle is stormed… this is where the revolution ends.”

Showcasing explosive scenes from the upcoming season, the brief trailer teases a face-off between Layton and Sean Bean’s character, the mysterious presumed-dead Mr. Wilford.

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During a virtual panel on Sunday, “Snowpiercer” showrunner Graeme Manson discussed how Bean’s character will factor into the new season.

“I think as the writers wrestled with the shape of the season, I think it was a fairly early flagpole that we planted down there, that would be a good cliffhanger, that another train appeared on the horizon,” Manson said.

“We had in our minds that that was probably Wilford. And I liked that it was a little bit similar to [Bong Joon Ho’s ‘Snowpiercer’ film] in that at the end of his movie, you finally get uptrain and you meet Mr. Wilford,” he added.

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“And I liked that at the end of our first season, we finally get to the point where Layton and Melanie [Jennifer Connelly] have gone through their battles and have become uneasy allies and essentially traded places,” he continued. “That difficult road that Layton has laid out for himself of building a democracy is immediately challenged by this authoritarian figure, this brutalist-looking train that comes at them over the horizon.”

Fans can watch the New York Comic Con panel in its entirety in the video below.