Khloe Kardashian is remembering the time she was Nicole Richie’s assistant.

While on Simon Huck’s “Emergency Contact” podcast, the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star brought up her work for the star of “The Simple Life”.

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“I was Nicole Richie’s assistant and you were Jonathan Cheban’s assistant and we met five faces ago,” Kardashian said.

“I went to school with her,” she explained. “She was one of my best friends growing up and we were just really, really close and then when she started doing ‘Simple Life’ — I think it was after Simple Life — she just needed some help and I just needed a job.”

Kardashian also revealed that her family enjoyed dipping their toes in reality television, long before their own ‘KUWTK’ show.

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“Kourtney [Kardashian] did ‘Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive’ prior … and Kim [Kardashian] was obsessed with ‘The Real World’, but I didn’t think about it, and I think that’s the beauty of it,” she said.

She added, “We were told we were a show filler and to not get comfortable. There wasn’t any pressure because it was like, they don’t think we’re gonna last, so let’s have fun with it.”