Jason Mraz is joining Rebecca Jade to take a stand against racism with the new collaborative single, “Bad Wolves”. The 43-year-old musician has been spending time during the pandemic working on the song and video, premiering exclusively on ET Canada.

Releasing on Tuesday by Pacific Records artist Rebecca Jade, the track features Mraz, Miki Vale and Veronica May. Co-written by the four musicians, the title refers to those running in the U.S. presidential election who are “furthering a system of systematic racism and oppression.”

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Mraz tells ET Canada that he hopes the song acts as a “virtual march for peace” and brings hope and education to the fight for equality.

“On and on throughout history, art has aided in the enlightenment and transformation of humanity,” he says. “Today, I am proud to participate with my fellow artists VMay, RJade, MVale, to help amplify the optimism and education needed to combat systemic racism in America.”

“’Bad Wolves’ is more than a song,” he continues. “It’s a four-dimensional experience of music, poetry, visual art and dance. It’s a virtual march for peace. A call for change – calling out injustices when we see them, while signalling the silent to wake up. It’s not political. It’s ethical.”

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The video features masked dancers performing on the street, while Mraz and others film them.

The country is being run by Bad Wolves on the hunt, they’ve got a taste for blood,” begin the lyrics.

Jade says the track also calls for those “blind” to issues such as racism to be called out.

“’Bad Wolves’, to me, is about perspective, and a rally cry for the acknowledgement of racial injustice and police brutality, while calling out the blind eye of the unaffected ~ in musical form,” Jade says.

The song can be preordered at https://ffm.to/badwolves.