Jeannie Mai is channelling her inner Madonna for ’80s Night on Dancing With the Stars!

On Monday, “The Real” co-host and her pro partner, Brandon Armstrong, danced a Jazz to “Like a Virgin,” dressed in their ’80s best. Jeannie wore crimped hair, a giant bow, pearls and a white corset top and skirt, while Brandon complemented her in a patterned top, backwards baseball cap and cream pants.

“The person that introduced me to Madonna was Mama Mai,” Jeannie explained in the video package that aired before the performance. “In the ’80s, Mama Mai, as her side hustle, was a wedding singer. It was just a mother-daughter duo and we killed it.”

Judge Derek Hough called Jeannie’s performance “so much fun … a simple and clean routine,” while Bruno Tonioli said, “A squeaky clean tribute to the ‘Material Girl.'”

“You, to me, are the most exciting performer,” added Carrie Ann Inaba. “That performance showed that. I love watching you!”

Jeannie and Brandon received a total score of 24/30 from the judges.

The performance comes less than a week after Jeannie candidly explained during why she plans to take a submissive approach to her marriage with Jeezy during an episode of “The Real”. The rapper — who rented out a Billboard in Los Angeles earlier this season encouraging fans to vote for Jeannie — proposed back in March.

“So, I’m gonna say right here, that I, Jeannie Mai, going in to my marriage — I want to submit to my man. Let me explain,” she said. “When I hear this definition … submitting has a negative connotation. It means that you are less important, you are lower than that person that you’re submitting to. It usually can be like, you know, referenced as somebody who works lower than you and that’s not what I’m referring to here.”

Jeannie went on to explain that since she makes so many decisions when it comes to her career, she likes the idea of her husband taking the lead at home. She noted that this approach works for her, but might not for others.

“I’m a very dominant woman. I own my business, I lead my teams, I played my own manager, my own publicist, my own lawyer when I didn’t have money to have those people,” she explained. “So, I make the decisions in my life. When I come home, I like the idea that my man leads us. That doesn’t mean that in this case Jay makes all the decisions for us. That doesn’t mean that when he says, ‘How are we spending our money?’ or ‘Where are we moving?’ that I just say, ‘Yes sir,’ or ‘Yes, your honor.’ Like, it’s not that. It’s a, ‘You know what? I think that we would do best here, I want to do this,’ and he takes the decision, he formulates it with our overall vision, and he leads us and I like to submit to that.”

“I don’t want to lead in our household and in our marriage,” she continued. “I want him to lead, and I have all the essence of what I bring as a wife to make that decision, but that I love that my husband will be the man that leads. I like that structure in a marriage and I look forward to that because girls — it’s tiring being the boss of me. It’s tiring leading all the time in my life.”

Hear more in the video below.