Luke Hemsworth has someone in mind to take over Hugh Jackman’s spot as Wolverine.

Jackman played the Marvel character for 17 years, from 2000’s “X-Men” and to 2017’s “Logan”. Jackman is so synonymous with the role that many fans may find it difficult to imagine another actor assuming the Wolverine mantle.

Enter Hemsworth.

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In a new interview with Screen Rant, the “Westworld” actor shared his love of superheroes.

“I grew up with them,” the eldest Hemsworth said. “I learned to draw through comic books, copying comic books since I was about 10 years old.”

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“I really loved Todd McFarlane’s ‘Spawn’. And then Batman — I would have fought Rob Pattinson for those gauntlets,” he added. “And Wolverine! I’m like, ‘Come on, just pass them on, mate. Let’s give it to another Aussie.’ I’ll have to grow some chest hair, but I’m ready for Wolverine.”

Despite Jackman’s retirement from the role in 2017, archival footage of Logan has appeared in 2018’s “Deadpool 2” and 2020’s “The New Mutants”.