Meghan Markle is opening up about her relationship with social media.

The Duchess of Sussex joined Fortune magazine’s associate editor, Emma Hinchlife, from her new home in Santa Barbara, Calif. for the “Most Powerful Next Gen Summit” and chatted about stepping back from her online platforms.

“For my own self-preservation, I have not been on social media for a very long time,” Markle explained. “I had a personal account years ago, which I closed down and then we had one through the institution and our office that was in the U.K. that wasn’t managed by us — that was a whole team — and so I think that comes with the territory for the job you have.”

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Adding, “I’ve made a personal choice to not have any account, so I don’t know what’s out there, and many ways that’s helpful for me. I have a lot of concerns for people that have become obsessed with it. And it is so much a part of our daily culture for so many people that it’s an addiction like many others. There are very few things in this world where you call the person who is engaging with it a user.”

“As you’re out there building your brand, as you are out there engaging with friends online, just be conscious of what you’re doing,” Markle said. “Understand that it is not limited to that one moment — that you are creating an echo chamber for yourself.”

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She later opened up about motherhood and whether welcoming Archie with husband Prince Harry has made her more courageous or cautious.

“My gut is that it makes you more courageous,” she said when asked if motherhood has made her more courageous or cautious. “It makes you so concerned for the world they [your children] are going to inherit.”

She added, “At the same time, I am cautious of putting my family at risk by [saying] certain things — I try to be very clear with what I say, and not make it controversial.”