Claudia Jordan has stories to tell about Donald Trump.

The former contestant on “Celebrity Apprentice” appeared on the podcast “Behind The Velvet Rope With David Yontef” this week and spilled all the tea on the U.S. president.

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“I think Tiffany is the most neglected of all the daughters,” Jordan said. “I kind of feel like he doesn’t give her as much attention. Now, a little bit more, but I feel like at the time she wasn’t getting that and I really thought she was a sweetheart and [ex-wife] Marla is very sweet.”

She then referred to Ivanka as Trump’s favourite.

“He favours Ivanka over his own wife,” Jordan said. “I like the way he loves Ivanka. He loves Ivanka. I think he’s okay with Trump Jr. And Eric is just like, whatever. The afterthought, but he’s the ugliest.”

She added, “So I think Trump judges people by looks, weight. He made comments to me when I was doing ‘Celebrity Apprentice’. Like, I know he values people based on those types of things. And I know that sounds like a f**ked up thing for me to say but it’s true. He does. He values people based on how thin they are, how attractive they are, if they’re rich.”

Jordan also revealed that Trump once told her she should not date Black men.

“Like he called me a few times and … he would tell me that I shouldn’t waste my time with Black men, dating them, which I was at the time dating an Olympic athlete, Black man, and who is the best in the world,” she recalled. “And I was like, ‘Wait, why would you say that to me?’ And he said, ‘Cause they don’t have money.’ And I was like, Hmm, okay. So just throw away the whole race because they don’t have the money to you. So I told him, I said… ‘That’s not a cool thing.’”

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star also recalled Trump’s attempts to kiss her.

“Oh, before I got ‘Apprentice’, we were just like the year or the year leading up to the show. He was trying it a little bit, you know, he would kind of do it … He tried to kiss me one time, twice,” he said. “And I had to remind him that he was married. That was like, You are not putting that tongue in my mouth. This is not going to happen. Absolutely not.

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Making clear that Trump was already married to Melania Trump at the time, she added, “Yeah. I mean, everyone knows he cheats on her. And so does she, that’s why her bracelets and diamonds are so big.”

Jordan continued, “I know he did like me as a person. I know he floated and he did try to kiss me twice, but I wasn’t gonna go along with that. And you know, he tried me a couple times, but I was still able to, like I said, curve, which a lot of women, we shouldn’t have to have the skill, but a lot of us do have that skill.

“We have to navigate where, okay, it wasn’t sexual assault, I’m not going to say that, but you are trying it and you are a married man. And let me remind you, you are married to Melania and I’m not her… So you can put your little orange lips on your wife and we can do business but you are gonna be over there.”