Matthew McConaughey is one proud father.

The 50-year-old, who shares kids Levi, 12, Vida, 10, and Livingston, 7, with his wife Camila Alves, 38, discusses his family life in a new interview with People.

The actor explains how his children are creative, with the trio even helping to work on the cover photo for the latest issue of the magazine.

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“They have doubled down on their hobbies, creative things and parts of themselves I don’t think they would have leaned into if they were back in school,” McConaughey shares.

“One of the assets of this COVID quarantine is they’ve been forced to be more self-reliant. They’ve been forced to create their way out of their boredom,” he says.

McConaughey adds of their love of photography, “They’re into it — all three [of the kids]. They’re becoming a production crew. It’s very cool, [and] they’re starting to get kind of good at it.”

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“The only thing I ever knew I wanted to be was a father,” he says of parenthood. “And it’s remained the pinnacle for me. Being a dad was always my only dream. I can’t think of anything being more important.

“I can tell you this: I’m happy and confident to say our kids do not question the love we have in our family.”

“The Gentlemen” star also speaks about his marriage to Alves, telling the publication when asked how much his upbringing influenced him as a husband: “I don’t remember the last time I raised my voice to Camila.

“We have a love that we never questioned. And with our kids we have certain rules, [and] they understand the expectations. I grew up a little more ‘Because I said so,’ [whereas] I engage in those conversations.”

The pair have been married since June 2012.