Sharon Stone discusses stripping off for Playboy, getting older “like a dancer” and more during her appearance on Global’s “The Drew Barrymore Show”.

The 62-year-old, who is mom to sons Roan, 20, Laird, 15, and Quinn, 14, chats with Barrymore about her kids wanting to do everything everyone else was doing when they were younger.

She shares, “We talked a lot about what it meant to be a roof jumper, if everybody else jumps off the roof, why would you jump off the roof?” as Barrymore admits, “You know I was the one jumping off the roof by the way.”

Calling herself “uptight,” Barrymore insists “you would think that it would be the opposite you were so bold putting yourself out there, I feel like you always possessed that incredibly charisma and strength.”

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Stone then says, “But I’m more strategic, I’m more of a logic person and a strategy person. Even when I wanted ‘Basic Instinct’, I decided I was going to do a Playboy article specifically because I wanted to get this film ‘Basic Instinct’.”

“I didn’t realize what would happen when I did the film. I did think it was the right part for me and I knew what I had to do to get it. I didn’t have enough perspective to realize what was going to happen.”

The star posed for Playboy back in 1990 before “Basic Instinct” was released in 1992.

Stone also talks about growing older and being done dating.

The actress explains, “I think the thing is as we get older we have to say debauchery is not great for a growing older body and when I got to be 40 I thought, Oh look I am going to get older. ‘So how do I want to get older? I’d like to get older like a dancer.‘”

“I always thought the women who were dancers aged so beautifully and they had great posture and they moved beautifully, and they still could move,” she continues. “I thought, ‘I have to behave more like a dancer and I am going to have to eat better.‘ I am thoughtful about what I put in my body and the way I treat my body so I get to keep it.”

Stone, who hit headlines after revealing dating app Bumble had blocked her account back in December, goes on to say that she’s “had it with dating” because she finds “people to be insincere and not worth my time,” adding: “I enjoy my alone time and my time with my kids and friends more.”

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