“The Bachelor” alumni Kendall Long hopes Clare Crawley will trust the full process of the franchise even though she’s 39, knows exactly what she’s looking for, and may have already found it during her season premiere of “The Bachelorette”.

In case you missed it, the Sacramento-based hairstylist welcomed 31 new suitors but had an immediate connection with Dale Moss from the moment he stepped out of the limo, as she declared she felt like she just met her husband.

“Although I see so much in that and I think there’s such a strong connection there, my fear is that Clare is wearing Dale goggles and she isn’t allowing other guys to shine through,” Long told ET Canada.

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Kendall Long
Kendall Long — EPA/NINA PROMMER/CPImages

“I think most of the Bachelorettes and Bachelors have had one person in their mind that they were sure was going to be their person in the end, and then they changed their mind through the entire process,” Long explained. “I just hope Clare is open to potentially changing her mind, or giving the other guys a chance because having all of her eggs in the Dale basket causes me to worry for her.”

“She’s gone through so much heartbreak already, and I just want her to have a really positive experience and a strong partner at the end of this,” Long concluded.

Some of Crawley’s remarks about Dale during the premiere left “Bachelorette” fans wondering if the chemistry was love at first sight or a flame that was lit during their quarantined process.

“Clare said she didn’t talk to Dale before production began. As far as I know, Blake was the only person she talked to before production, but her conversation with Dale had a familiarity to it. When they first sat down to talk, there were things that Dale could have just looked up on Google, or if he’s following Clare he could have known, but I feel like we got a sense that they weren’t strangers because they probably Instagram crept on each other.”

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A move that Long pointed out was a first for Bachelor Nation.

“This is the first time in Bachelor history, where the leading lady was able to stalk everyone’s social media so it wasn’t like she came in and didn’t know any of the guys that were coming. I’m sure there were some that were new, but I would for sure Instagram stalk all of the guys if I could. I’d try not to, but curiosity would 100 percent get the best of me,” Long admitted.

But should social media stalking before production become a new aspect of the show for future seasons?

“Instagram and social media is kind of a resume of who you are. You see their friends, their family, how they live, their day to day life, and you could also probably see if they are focused on social media because that’s a huge aspect of the Bachelor world now, like are they just trying to accumulate a following or do they actually want to find love? It’s kind of a double edge sword,” Long said.

Nonetheless, ET learned on August 3 that Crawley’s time as Bachelorette had come to an end after she fell for one of her contestants roughly two weeks into filming. And if that testament stands true, Long has room in her heart to appreciate and applaud her decision.

“I think in Clare’s case, she seems to be someone who doesn’t really mess around or lead anyone on because she’s been led on in the past and has had awful men in her past so if she does decide to leave early with Dale, she’s not trying to hurt people and I can appreciate that and I can see the beauty in that,” Long said. “But while you go through an experience like this, there’s a lot that happens that shows you who people are at a much quicker pace than you would in the real world. I want her to stay true to who she is and want she wants, but at the same time, explore that curiosity. You’ll never be the Bachelorette again.”