Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, now the personal lawyer of U.S. President Donald Trump, has allegedly been working with an active Russian agent to dig up dirt about Trump’s opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden.

This week, Giuliani delivered a massive fizzle of an October surprise, a ludicrous story about a soggy laptop, Hunter Biden and a thoroughly debunked conspiracy theory that ran in the New York Post and was instantly discredited, with Twitter even locking the accounts of Trump staffers (including Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany) who tweeted links to the article.

Now, Giulani’s daughter, Caroline, 31, is coming forward in a Vanity Fair essay to implore Americans to cast their votes for Biden.

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In her essay, Caroline Giuliani writes that the situation in the U.S. is so dire “that none of us can afford to be silent right now.”

Detailing her political disagreements with her father, and her inability to get him to budge from the party line despite the most logical of arguments, she issues a call to arms.

“We have to stand and fight,” she writes. “The only way to end this nightmare is to vote. There is hope on the horizon, but we’ll only grasp it if we elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”

Once Giuliani’s Vanity Fair essay went live, numerous stars took to Twitter to share their thoughts and urge others to read it. Here’s what the likes of Debra Messing, Eva Longoria and more have to say: