Samuel L. Jackson made a virtual appearance on this week’s edition of “The Graham Norton Show”, and he had some explaining to do when host Graham Norton asked him to confirm that he never actually proposed to his wife, LaTonya Richardson Jackson, who appeared alongside him during the interview.

“I wanna hear this story,” she said, gesturing to her husband. “Go. You never proposed?”

“I don’t remember it actually… I do recall you having some invitations in your hand, saying this was when this was happening…” he said.

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“No, that’s not what happened,” she responded. “I said my grandfather is very ill and he’s going to die, and he’s very concerned that we are not married, so we have to get married now so he can walk me down the aisle. That was his concern, that I was the last of his grandchildren not to be walked down the aisle, so we have to get married.”

Then, she said, it was up to the “Avengers” star to ask her grandfather for permission to marry his granddaughter, “and then you have to ask me, will I marry you. And he did.”

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“I did?” Jackson quipped.

“Okay, okay, you know what?” she replied in mock disgust. “It doesn’t matter.”

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