Tiffany Haddish is taking over Ellen’s chair once again.

On Monday, the “Girls Trip” star is guest-hosting “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, and she’s bringing on old friend Marlon Wayans to help keep the comedy going.

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Haddish and Wayans get going by remembering how they first met when she was only a teenage aspiring comedian, as well as reminiscing about a party they went to at Eddie Murphy’s house in 2005.

“And then you kept looking at me like I was crazy,” Haddish recalls.

“Cause I look at you know like you’re crazy,” Wayans jokes. “2005? I don’t remember yesterday, girl!”

He then adds, “I do decent in life, but Eddie Murphy’s house is so nice, I feel poor. I left his house feeling so unaccomplished. I wanted to rob him.”

Wayans also talks about working with comedy icon Bill Murray and Rashida Jones on the new film “On the Rocks”, directed by Sofia Coppola.

“Bill is a lot of fun. He’s like a 70-year-old kid,” the actor says. “You wanna spank him, but you don’t wanna pull his pants down and see his a**.”

He also describes Murray as a “unicorn,” explaining that like Dave Chappelle, when it comes to being friends with him, “He’s here one day, he’s gone the next.”

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Also on the show, Haddish has Wayans help her out with a very unconventional beauty treatment using food items like wasabi that leaves her in tears from the burning.

“But do I look like a Kardashian?” she asks, before adding, “It’s making me drool.”