Cardi B wants no social media drama.

On Saturday, the “WAP” rapper deleted her Twitter account following fan backlash over her decision to reconcile with her husband Offset.

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Appearing on Instagram live, Cardi clapped back at fans for trying to “dictate” how she should live her life.

“A whole bunch of 15-year-olds telling me how to live my life like I’m mother f**king Ariana Grande or something. Like I came from Disney or something,” the 28-year-old said. “I’m so tired because of ya, I’ve got to continuously explain myself. I didn’t put my divorce out there, a f**king court clerk put it out there. And because people are making rumours up, ‘Oh, this guy has a girl pregnant,’ I have to address it.”

She also complained about fans trolling Offset on his social media accounts.

“Then you guys want to be f**king harassing this n***a,” she said. “Bro, if I work things out, why are you going to this n***a’s Twitter to harass him? That don’t make no f**king sense.”

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Cardi also denied rumours that she was recently spotted smoking a cigarette because she was stressed out about her relationship.

“Offset is not the only f**king problem that I deal with,” she said, explaining that she also doesn’t have a manager at the moment. “To be honest with you, my marriage is one of the least worries that I have right now.”

Finally, she told fans, “I love my fans and I’m thankful and I’m grateful for everything you do, but some of you really be acting like I sleep with ya.”‘