Mario and Robyn Dixon joined Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live” for a lively round of the drinking game ‘Never Have I Ever’.

Cohen threw out scenarios and his guest would take a drink for every thing that they had done, which was most of it for Mario.

“‘Never Have I Ever’ had multiple partners in the bedroom at once?” Cohen started off and Mario drank.

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“‘Never Have I Ever’ accidentally yelled out the wrong name in bed,” Cohen continued and once again Mario had another sip. But then he explained he was “super lit.”

“Of course, I had to hear about it for the next year,” he added. “Every day and every time. Never again.”

Other questions included if they had flirted with someone who had “slid into” their DMs and if they like role playing in the bedroom. Both Mario and Dixon drank for that one.

Mario expanded his answer.

“I like surprises. Anything that’s surprising and something I’ve never experienced before, I love it,” Mario added, but his favourite is “having moments at the beach and nature, it’s nothing like that. I love the outdoors.”

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Catch more of the questions in the clip up top.