Tyler Posey, 29, has opened up about his sobriety and sexuality.

Speaking on SiriusXM’s “The Jason Ellis Show”, the “Teen Wolf” alum said he has been sober for “71 days.”

“I don’t smoke weed. I don’t drink, I don’t [do] drug[s], I don’t do anything,” Posey said.

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Posey explained that he went to risqué parties when he was “abusing stuff,” but added he is now “starting to get my s**t together and it feels really, really, really good.”

Posey also addressed his sexuality and how after hearing about transsexual YouTuber Eden The Doll being “beaten and harassed” he wanted to help shed light on the trans community.

WARNING: The content discussed in the videos below is NSFW

“I was just kind of shedding light on that, because I didn’t hear about it. It was like a week — I was a week late on the whole entire thing, I think. So, I didn’t really know about it. And so I thought if I didn’t know, maybe other people didn’t know. So originally I was just shedding light on that, through whatever way that I could. And then, I was hit with wanting just to come out myself with that whole thing and be honest about it,” he said.

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“I know there’s a lot of kids that look up to me and I just want to f**king get rid of that stigma of — you can be whoever you want to be, get with whoever you want to get with and it doesn’t affect you and it doesn’t affect them. And you know, the world’s f**king weird and it should be. And there’s too much stigmas on everything and sexuality, especially. And so, I don’t know, I really didn’t have a plan for saying that s**t. I just felt compelled,” Posey concluded.