John Oliver has now had a sewer plant named after him, to add to his long list of achievements.

Oliver and the city of Danbury, Connecticut, have been going back-and-forth in a tongue-in-cheek battle since the “Last Week Tonight” host insulted them in a segment back in August.

Then, in a weird twist of events, the star has now had “The John Oliver Memorial Sewer Plant” named after him… and he’s thrilled about it.

Oliver told viewers during Sunday’s episode of his show, “You may remember, a few months ago we insulted the unassuming city of Danbury for no clear reason, and the citizens there responded magnificently, with multiple Danburians insulting me in YouTube videos, and the Mayor [Mark Boughton] declaring that he would name their sewage plant ‘The John Oliver Memorial Sewer Plant’, because it’s full of s**t, just like me. All of which was excellent.

“Now, disappointingly, the Mayor then claimed that his threat was just a joke, so to try and force his hand we offered to donate $55,000 to local charities on the strict condition they make the name official,” he added.

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Oliver even paid a visit to the city to attend the grand unveiling.

He said, according to Mashable, “There is a reason that this sewer plant means so much to me, and that’s because it represents everything that we need the most right now. Because think about it: This place takes the worst that humanity can produce and transforms it into something that we can live with — and now, more than ever, there’s something inspirational in that.

“Because at the end of this awful, awful year, what could be more important than evidence that if we want to, we can come together, overcome our differences, and sort our s**t out.”

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It’s still not clear why Oliver singled out Danbury for a tongue-lashing. He first brought up the city during an August segment on racial disparities in the jury selection process, citing problems in a few Connecticut towns from decades ago. He noted Danbury’s “charming railway museum” and its “historic Hearthstone Castle.”

“I know exactly three things about Danbury,” he said. “USA Today ranked it the second-best city to live in in 2015, it was once the centre of the American hat industry and if you’re from there, you have a standing invite to come get a thrashing from John Oliver — children included — f*** you.”

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