Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Time 100 special is finally here.

During their in-depth discussion about creating safe and healthy online communities, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex offered their own advice for the talk’s theme of “Engineering A Better World.”

The royal couple chatted virtually with Tristan Harris and Dr. Safiya Umoja Noble from their home in California.

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“It can feel really overwhelming to try to understand all the nuance of what happens online,” Meghan explained. “It is all-encompassing and it affects us at a multi-faceted level. And so we started with professors and experts in the field, with defectors from some of the largest platforms, neurologists—people to really help us view it through a holistic approach.”

She added, “And in that there have been relationships, and now friendships, that we have formed with a lot of these people who have a shared goal of wanting to make this space healthier and better for all of us.”

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Photo: Time
Photo: Time — Matt Sayles

And Harry said he believes that conversations need to happen to get over the hurdle of “misinformation” and “hate” spreading online.

“What is happening in the online world is affecting the world. It is not restricted to certain platforms or certain social media conversations or groups,” he said. “This is a global crisis – a global crisis of hate, a global crisis of misinformation, and a global health crisis.”

Healthy online communities are one of the core elements of Harry and Meghan’s organization Archewell.