Adele’s Bestie Alan Carr Speaks Out On The Singer’s Weight Loss

Adele’s best friend, Alan Carr, is opening up about Adele’s weight loss.

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Carr recently caught up with “Lorraine” and was asked about the singer’s recent weight loss. The English comedian made a point to focus on Adele’s beauty and was mindful to not sensationalize the singer’s body.

“She’s always been gorgeous with those eyes and those lips,” he said on the “Lorraine” show. “You sort of missed the point if you’re just worried about what size knickers she wears.

“Cause it’s the voice,” Carr continued. “It’s that inspirational, awesome voice!”

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Adele has been best friends with Carr and his husband, Paul Drayton, for quite sometime. In fact, the “Hello” singer officiated Carr and Drayton’s wedding back in 2018.

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