New Video Gives Fans A Look At The Making Of Video For Benny Blanco-Justin Bieber Collab ‘Lonely’

It’s only been a few days since the arrival of “Lonely”, the new single from Justin Bieber and Benny Blanco, and on Tuesday fans got another treat with a look at the making of the music video.

The video kicks off with Blanco introducing himself then putting on a mask as he and Bieber — also masked up — play some ping pong.

Other sequences feature Jacob Tremblay, playing a young Bieber, onstage while the real deal watches from the stands, offering applause when he finished.

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Another part of the video features Hailey Bieber watching approvingly as Tremblay learns some dance moves, while another features Bieber and Blanco goofing around with the giant arms they sport in the video.

There’s much for fans to enjoy in the backstage video above.

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