Celebs are warning against the foxes outside the henhouse.

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On Wednesday, The Creative Coalition debuted a new PSA as part of their get-out-the-vote campaign featuring Mayim Bialik, Jason Alexander, Jon Cryer, Yvette Nicole Brown, Richard Kind, Tim Daly, Dascha Polanco and Patina Miller.

Directed by LeVar Burton and written by Bill Prady, the PSA sees the comedy stars dressed up as chickens on a virtual video chat.

“How’s everybody doing?” Alexander asks the group. “Handling it, or starting to feel… cooped up?”

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The group then gets chatting about a “fox” running for president of the henhouse.

“Even though he may eat me, the fox is who I’d rather have a beer with,” Kind says jokingly.

Alexander responds simply, “Please vote.”