Neve Campbell Tells Fellow Scream Queen Jamie Lee Curtis How She Was Enticed Into A 5th ‘Scream’ Movie

Neve Campbell starred in four “Scream” movies and will be returning for a fifth, while Jamie Lee Curtis recently starred in a mega-hit revival of the “Halloween” franchise, 40 years after the release of the 1978 original.

With Halloween (the holiday, not the movie) right around the corner, Campbell and Curtis sat down for a virtual “House of Horror” conversation with Variety to discuss their roles as Hollywood scream queens.

As Campbell explained, the 2015 death of original “Scream” director Wes Craven left her dubious about returning to the franchise.

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“I had been really apprehensive about doing another one,” Campbell told Curtis. “People had asked in the past whether I would do another one without Wes or whether I would make another one. I always felt like it’d be too difficult to do it without Wes. He was the master of these films. He did such a beautiful job on them. We were a family.”

New directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett convinced Campbell with a heartfelt letter.

“They said they basically are directors because of these films,” Campbell explained. “They are directors because of Wes Craven and they’re really so excited to be a part of these films and what an honour it is to do them, and that they really want to do justice to Wes and honour his legacy.”

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Their words, she said, “meant a lot to me. Then I went and watched one of their films and it’s brilliant and in keeping in tone. So I thought, You know what, I can do this. I think this could be a lot of fun and a good idea. These are people who are doing it for the love of these films. So that meant something.”

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