Chelsea Handler Talks Dating During The Pandemic, Reveals How A Recent Get Together With A Guy Went Very Wrong

Chelsea Handler reveals what it’s been like to date in a pandemic during an appearance on Thursday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show”.

Handler talks to DeGeneres about the type of man she’s into these days, before she gets into a story about a recent backyard date that didn’t go as planned.

The comedian says, “I have a type, between 60 and 80 is my sweet spot. Right now I’m in my Andrew Cuomo phase, but I’m almost at the tail end of that. When Andrew Cuomo came on the scene during Covid I mean that was just like bananas. Like the Incredible Hulk you know? A big Italian meatball like ‘you better wear a mask,’ I’m like ‘I will wear a mask.’

“I’ll wear a mask then you wear a mask and we can apex together. That’s to him, not to you.”

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Handler adds, “I do want to date, it’s just very hard during Covid.

“I’m on a dating app called Raya, I’ve got to hook up and I definitely want to have sex again.”

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She goes on to say of a recent dating experience, “I had a guy come over the other night, a friend of a friend, I met him outside of my backyard I was doing a little shift change. I had a friend over for cocktails, she left and then he came in my backyard to see if he was appropriate for me. We talked for a little bit and then when I was ready I was like ‘OK, I could hook up with this guy, this could be a fun night I just need to get some Covid history.’

“He said ‘I wear a mask a lot but I don’t really believe it does anything.’ I got up and laid into him for about 45 minutes about white male privilege… I was like only a white male privileged man would think they know better than doctors and scientists. So frustrating.”

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